Rain Policy

If weather forecasts expect heavy rain the day before a session, we will notify parents and school secretaries via email that the class will be canceled. The canceled class will be made up at the end of the season.

If it has rained the day prior but the weather forecasts say that the day of the session will not rain, the session will run as scheduled. Should it start raining or the session is deemed unsafe, the coach will take the students under a covered area where parents are able to pick-up their child early if they would like. The coach will remain at the school until the class is supposed to end and the students are picked up. If a session ends early due to rain, there will be time added on to a future session (for example if a session ends 15 minutes early because of rain, the next session will run for an extra 15 minutes). Parents will be notified via email should this occur.

Any questions regarding our rain policy can be emailed to info@ussportscoaching.com or directed to our phone line at #855-ASK-USSC.