Training Programs

US Sports Coaching offers clubs and associations training programs unlike any other on the market. We provide our clients with all the tools and expert advice to create a distinctive program that meets the needs of the players, coaches, parents and club officials.  

US Sports Coaching attracts the best staff in the business and once selected by the client, the coach enters the US Sports Coaching Diploma where they undertake over 200 hours of coach education.

Trainers are available to work 30 hours per week and their duties are determined by the client.

Typically trainers will provide:

  • Professional coaching with teams
  • Recreational programs
  • Individual and small group development
  • Clinics for club coaches
  • Provide administrative support
  • Assess and evaluate competitive play
  • Host parent clinics to improve their understanding of the game

Club commitments range from 4 weeks to 12 month appointments and US Sports Coaching pricing is highly competitive with the other providers.

Not only will US Sports Coaching provide the program with an exceptional coach, we will also enable you to choose the following:

  • Hand pick the coach of your choice through our coach software.   You can even choose the opportunity to meet the coach in person and watch them perform at a US Sports Coaching training event
  • Select your dates to match your training and playing seasons – programs of eight weeks or more select their coach
  • Select the program content that meets the clubs needs – we don’t have a prepared curriculum like the other companies – we create a curriculum that meets specific club needs
  • Create a balance between player development and coach education – the efforts of our coach are applied to your agenda – not ours
  • Select multiple seasons and receive discounted pricing and secure your coach for the duration of their contract
  • Choose the payment plan that matches your cash flow
  • Manage the entire program through the club account pages on the US Sports Coaching Website