Training Models

US Sports Coaching offer clients the opportunity to customize the program by selecting from our ten program choices:

Recreational program – designed with a player new to soccer in mind, the US Sports Coaching trainer will emphasize the fundamentals of the game in a safe and fun environment. Players will thoroughly enjoy activities that ensure success for every player

Young player program – children aged 3-5 years will gain an instant love for the game in this introductory level program. Where appropriate, parents will be encouraged to participate in a variety of soccer skill activities that are ‘disguised’ using innovative age-appropriate games such as ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, Soccer Island, Build with Bob and Candy Man.

Team program – working alongside the team coach, the US Sports Coaching trainer will develop a program that enhances the strengths of the players. The program will commence with a complete assessment of the team formation, players skills, contributions and tactical performance. The outcome of the assessment will determine the appropriate focus of the training sessions and drill selection. Progress will be continuously monitored and the US Sports Coaching Trainer and club coaches will work together to educate players and take the necessary corrective action. In addition to handling, positioning and shot stopping, the trainer will also emphasize decision making, ball distribution, leadership of the defensive unit and set play organization.

Conditioning – The ability of the players to repeatedly perform physically demanding movements can be the difference between winning and losing. Developed by experts in sports physiology and training techniques, US Sports Coaching training staff will facilitate activities training the players ability to sustain high intensity activity.   Principles of training such as the specificity for training – designing the exercises to meet the demands of soccer – will be incorporated into the program, as will sports nutrition and injury prevention techniques.

Speed and Agility – one element of the conditioning program that receives considerable attention is training the bodies anaerobic system to produce explosive and graceful movements during the game. Speed and agility equipment will be utilized to maximize the effectiveness of these essential training techniques.

Mental conditioning – preparing the mind is as important to the outcome of a game as physical conditioning. A trained and astute mind can take advantage of potential match winning situations. US Sports Coaching trainers are trained to deliver mental preparatory activities focusing on decision making, recognizing visual cues in defensive and attacking situations, overcoming poor decisions by game officials and thinking rationally in pressured situations.   

Coach Education – US Sports Coaching have designed a program that focuses on the development of club coaches, many of whom have no formal training or playing experience in soccer. US Sports Coaching trainers will teach the club coaches the fundamentals of the sport, in a fun and enjoyable educational experience. The program includes understanding the rules of the game, organizing a practice session, selecting developmentally and age appropriate activities and knowing what to do when things don’t work out as planned.

Coach Education Folder – US Sports Coaching will provide all clients with a start to finish Coaches Folder for all your coaches. It includes age appropriate methodologies, session plans, terminology, diagrams and so much more.

Sports Medicine - Within a sport that has thousands of volunteers it is imperative to understand what could and couldn’t harm youth soccer players. US Sports Coaching has a Professional Sports Medicine Expert that educates all US Sports Coaching Trainers upon arrival as part of a company diploma, to help them understand the human body, age appropriate stretching, diet and nutrition. US Sports Coaching and our professional sports medicine expert will also deliver workshops to your soccer organization; provide support for injured players and coaches, while also allowing you to view video resources on these topics.

Professional Soccer Player - Are you or your players looking to understand what it takes to be a professional Soccer player? Why not recruit our professional soccer player to deliver a practice session for your team at your field and time. We have different levels of assistance to help you and receive coaching from a player in the optimum soccer position as a professional soccer player in the MLS

US Sports Coaching Consultancy Program – a service available to clients that want to take their program to the next level. US Sports Coaching will evaluate and then design an academy program to raise the level of expectation in the soccer community. Experts in coaching, sports conditioning, mental preparation and program development will work alongside the club management team.

Goalkeeper programs – often the position that is overlooked by the coach due to the specialism of training required. The US Sports Coaching trainer will work with the goalkeepers as part of the team program, or with a group of goalkeepers from clubs teams.

US Sports Coaching Cultural Coaching Program 

Unique to US Sports Coaching is our cultural coaching program. The cultural program offers British trainers an opportunity to share the heritage, culture, history, and customs of the United Kingdom, the birthplace of soccer, with players and coaches within US-based clubs and associations. An integral component to the exceptional services offered by US Sports Coaching, is the cultural enrichment provided by our British coaches.


Introduction and demonstration of foot skills and techniques developed by renowned British soccer players, with emphasis on the British philosophy on which these methods are based.

• Introduction to and education in the different British styles of soccer play and formations, including the historically significant 2-3-5 formation.

• Development of set play formations created by British teams, including free kicks, corners, and throw-ins.

• Education in the United Kingdom’s Premier League, the most successful, viewed and profitable soccer league in the world.

• Instruction to club and association coaching staff on British approaches to preparation and game play, highlighting aspects of the British attitude, philosophy, and traditions on competition.

• Review of the importance of soccer terminology, equipment and apparel, including an explanation of their evolution and relevance within British history.

• Stimulation of enthusiasm, motivation and passion for soccer generally and before competition, through sharing of British soccer chants and their social, cultural and historical significance.

• Encouragement of parental knowledge of soccer through education on the fundamentals of the game, including its British origins and significance.

• Improvement of game play and technique through observation and analysis of televised Premier League games.