A Game of Six Halves

1.    Professional Consultancy:

Running a soccer organization is like running a business, you have to be accountable to your members, manage finances and provide a service that gives value. A soccer organization has to make financial sense, develop the coaches, players and organization, plus be open to new ideas of how to educate, grow and nurture its talent. US Sports Coaching staff, that includes a Director of Coaching and Business Analyst, will sit down with you and understand where you are, where you want to be and create a model for development over the next month, 3 months, 3 years and further into the future.

2.    Professional Coaching Services:

US Sports Coaching will provide you with a handpicked, qualified and experienced trainer; of which you will specify the experience required. Soccer recruitment is like any other industry, you know what you want, maybe from sitting down with us, but it is having the strategy, tools and talent to get there. Whether the right professional trainer lives locally or 6000 miles away in Europe we have access to hundreds of professional trainers that are career soccer coaches. Developing your coaches through ongoing education is important to us for long term development of your organization, making sure that there are building blocks there each year and not just repeated. Our trainers work on a full time basis each week for a set weekly fee and can be with you from 3 months to as long as you need them working exclusively for you, helping to develop the on and off field requirements of the organization.

3.    Cost Matters:

For many soccer organizations the cost is a big factor to what the introduction of your desired soccer program would cost. At US Sports Coaching we have developed a model that enables you to manage a budget and generate revenue for your organization to offset costs or take your program toward self sufficiency. Our trainers are billed at a fixed weekly rate over the whole program and are available up to 30 hours a week. If, for example, you run with a camps program ALL the revenue generated from the participants goes back to your organization.

4.    Sports Medicine, Fitness and Biology:

Within a sport that has thousands of volunteers it is imperative to understand what could and couldn’t harm youth soccer players. US Sports Coaching has a Professional Sports Medicine Expert who educates all US Sports Coaching Trainers upon arrival as part of a company diploma, helping them understand the human body, age appropriate stretching, diet and nutrition. US Sports Coaching and our Professional Sports Medicine Expert will also deliver workshops to your soccer organization; provide support for injured players and coaches, while also allowing you to view video resources on these topics at US Sports Coaching.

5.    Professional Soccer Player Coaching:

Are you or your players looking to understand what it takes to be a professional Soccer player? Why not recruit our professional soccer player to deliver a practice session for your team; on a field and at a time you specify. We have different levels of assistance to help you when receiving help from our professional MLS player.

6.    The Soccer Community:

The youth soccer community is broad and stretches far, but sometimes we need a medium to share ideas. There are many soccer specific skills and information that could be shared to develop youth soccer players, coaches and parents with no medium to share them. With so many volunteers and non-full-time soccer individuals there are an abundant variety of skills that soccer enthusiasts do in their day-to-day jobs. Why not share this information and let the soccer community help each other locally with services from other like-minded soccer people. Need information on a school? Once you are signed up with the ‘The US Sports Coaching Community Portal’ you can have access to hundreds of people in your area that could help.