The key to US Sports Coaching’s unparalleled success is the quality of our coaching staff. Excellent candidates apply for short and long term coaching positions. There is no secret to attracting the very best staff available:

  • Provide unprecedented training and educational experiences
  • Provide exceptional care and support to all candidates
  • Match candidates coaching aspirations with similar aims of the club/association
  • Seek career soccer professionals – not holiday makers

US Sports Coaching provides clients with the opportunity to match the club's program requirements with the attributes of the professional trainers. To assist clients in selecting from our candidate pool, US Sports Coaching categories the candidates into five levels based on coaching qualifications, coaching experience and playing experience. All US Sports Coaching training staff will be screened during the recruitment process and their qualifications, experiences and references will be verified.

 USSC Level
 Coach Experience
 Level 58+ years Premier+ A+UEFA Pro License
 Level 4 6+ years Premier A UEFA A
 Level 3 5+ years Adv Nat Dip B UEFA B
 Level 2 4+ years Nat Dip C FA Level 2
 Level 1 3+ years State Dip D FA Level 1