Internship Information

US Sports Coaching offer internships to successful candidates looking to gain experience in coaching Soccer, Basketball and Tennis. Interns will be governed by the contracts developed with schools, leagues, associations and clubs throughout the duration of their stay with the company.

The client, with US Sports Coaching management, will determine the program specifics, including age groups, dates, times and location, along with the coaching methodologies and content to be used. Thereafter, our coaches and interns will be assigned to programs depending on their experience level and availability, to work with the client in order to meet their needs. We offer internships across three seasons of the year for three months:

  • Spring – February-May
  • Summer – June-August
  • Fall – September-November

The Fall and Spring programs are very different to Summer. The coaching staff are primarily based in schools in the local area. We offer weekly P.E lessons and after school club sessions. The evening programmes involve working with local recreational, competitive and academy clubs. Your role as part of these clubs is to assist volunteer parent coaches and Directors of Coaching to ensure the successful running of team practices.

The Summer seasons sees US Sports Coaching provide camps in and around the local area in three sports: Soccer, Basketball and Tennis. Camps typically run Monday-Friday 9-3 with a different coaching theme brought out in each day. e.g. Monday – Dribbling. We also offer team camps and position specific camps.

Qualifications and experience is not necessary as we offer regular coaches training and a mentorship program. The program offers individuals the opportunity to gain valuable experience in coaching and helps to build up their resume. There are also opportunities to gain full time employment with US Sports Coaching and other local organizations.

For more information, please contact:

Matthew Grassam

USSC Recruitment

1 (408) 772-6227