Coaching Opportunities & Internship

The opportunities that US Sports Coaching is able to offer coaching candidates and interns will be governed by the contracts developed with schools, leagues, associations and clubs. The client along with US Sports Coaching management, will determine the program specifics, including age groups, dates, times and location, along with the coaching methodologies and content to be used. Thereafter, coaches and/or interns will be assigned to programs, based on their experience level and availability, to work with the client in order to meet their needs.

To properly perform their duties, coaches and interns will be provided with coaching curriculums, a uniform, equipment, and a first aid kit.


The typical coaching structure will be as follows:

After School Programs

  • Each program is an hour long 
  • Monday-Friday 12 pm - 4 pm.
  • Programs are recreational. Coaches are expected to teach students the fundamentals of the game.


  • Coach works with at least one other coach for a week and then moves to a new program.
  • Monday to Friday from 9 am - 4 pm.
  • Structure of program may include team development, positional coaching (goal keeping etc), young player development (introduction to the game), themed camps such as Futebol de Salão, tournament preparation, and specialized and team tryouts.


  • Coach will volunteer in our programs.
  • Coach will work with a paid employee and get to learn and gain experience from volunteering
  • The program can typically be from 2pm - 7pm Monday to Friday. We run in 3 month internships (Spring, Summer and Fall)
  • Candidates can be from any experience level and qualifications are not essential as we offer training and mentorship.
  • The program is to offer individuals the opportunity to get experience in coaching to build up their resume and gain possible full time employee opportunities in coaching with USSC and other organizations