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Sports Medicine Expert – Matt Procopio

US Sports Coaching has teamed up with Matt Procopio an SAQ and Sports Medicine Expert to assist with all of our clients, members and trainers.

The partnership between Matt and US Sports Coaching is unique to the youth soccer market in Northern California with the aim being to educate all coaches, players and parents in the correct methods of stretching, diet, nutrition, biology, nutrition, injury prevention, child welfare and anything to do with a child’s body in sport.

Matt comes to US Sports Coaching from the east cost where he graduated and played collegiate soccer for Millersville University while receiving his Bachelors degree in Education. Upon graduation he began perusing a career in coaching. He currently holds a NSCAA Advanced National Diploma, USSF “C” License, National Youth License, and NSCAA Goalkeeping Levels I & II. Matt has worked the last few years coaching in the DC metropolitan area, which is known as a soccer hot bed. Working as a coach and trainer for recreational and competitive clubs with players’ ages 3 years old and up. He has worked with major companies like DC United and Coerver Coaching. “Player development is my number one concern as a coach. I want to enable all my players to have the opportunity to train and play in the best environment possible allowing them to take there game to whatever heights they desire - high school, college, pro and/or the National team.” 

Along with Matt’s passion for coaching he has a strong interest in the Health and Fitness industry. “I began working out in the 7th grade and it has become apart of my life ever since. As a player I was always looking to be in top condition and get an advantage in an area often overlooked by many players (strength, speed, power, agility, endurance, diet and nutrition).” He is a Certified Aerobic Instructor and Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist by the International Fitness Association (IFA). Currently he is completing his National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer exam (NSCA-CPT). Also he is attending courses by the English FA, Athletes Performance and USA Weightlifting. Matt is truly vested in learning everyday he can so he can bring it to his athletes and make it a part of there game. 

“The person who can go further once the effort gets painful is the person who will win” - Rodger Bannister, first human to break the 4 minute mile

Matt is also responsible for all of US Sports Coaching’s images, text and videos resources on these techniques, the content for our members newsletter, workshops we deliver to our clients and the US Sports Coaching Sports Medicine Diploma that all of our trainers go through as part of their development with us.

In the future US Sports Coaching will also be able to offer a range of services including:

  • On line Coaching Resources
  • Sports Medicine Section for Diet, Nutrition, Anatomy, Biology and Child Social Development
  • Subscription to a USSC on line Sports Medicine and Coaching Newsletter
  • An on-line Soccer Community that allows members to network, communicate and post news and notifications

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